In Which We Reveal Our Ignorance
Episode 10

In Which We Reveal That Actually It's About Ethics In Game Journalism

Stephen Bruckert published on

In this week's episode special guest Patrick Davison returns! We discuss the FBI's Hardest Partier's list, how Andrew WK is actually Menudo, ebola in NYC, the War on Christmas, Warhammer 40k, and, of course, it's actually about ethics in games journalism.

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  • Ryan Gatts

    Dictatorially removing all guns from America is as bad an idea as I can currently imagine. If your goal is to reduce the amount of innocent death in America due to guns, this would absolutely assure that you end up with literally millions of people dying as they overthrow the US government. The best case scenario here is you fight a guerilla civil war for the next 40 years in which only a few thousand people die a year in terrorist attacks. I have no problem with amending the constitution generally, but this would trigger a prepared action among every gun nut in the country. They already strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment, which states in no uncertain terms that if the central government oversteps in its power (and tries to take your guns), you should use your guns to depose that government and start again. This is what they have been preparing for their whole lives.
    Take steps that advance your actual goals -- not just the principles behind your goals.