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Episode 1


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This is the story of our family, a story long since started and still in its beginnings we can hope. A story of our Wise, who risked everything to save us. A manipulator of the very forces of our natural world, a shaper of matter both common and strange to us, and a temptress of the fates that bind the world. This journey they embarked on took them to spaces far removed from us and we miss them, they take their place in our minds so we may not forget them. Though they are no longer with us we are sure death holds no power over our Wise just as it holds no sway over the spirit lords that defy the Great Hunter and his brood. So please for the seasons that remain for us listen to this story and retell this to your offspring so this story may never fade just like the mana they use will never fade from them.

(Notes regarding Mage: These few episodes are a somewhat transitional work, the Domain Gaming was in the process of evaluating certain processes so some spots my be rocky. Also it will be divided into two sections, the second segment will be longer and have more bells and whistles.)

Wyverian: Storyteller

Nyappykitty: Catalina

Pooter: Kalmir

Gandhi: Igor


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