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Episode 18

All About the Trailers

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Welcome to our podcast where you can expect to find gaming news as well as some topical subjects that should interest all gamers, Let's Players, and Content Creators alike. Find each news piece listed below in a list with time stamps. 


@1:55 MTG: Battle for Zendikar release notes
@9:28 Force of Will, The Seven Kings of the Land releases Friday
@11:43 Indie Games played more than big publisher games
@19:11 Star Wars Battlefront is broken, needs more testing/fixing
@29:07 Ron Jeremy thinks video games are ruining kids brains
@39:44 Hyrule Warriors 3DS limitations
@44:08 Mario Maker's, possibly, hardest user created level
@50:16 looks like PS2 games are coming to PS4
@52:56 Microsoft ripping off Amiibos with watch/armband?
@57:57 Street Fighter 5 system requirements
@59:38 League of Legends 5.19 Patch notes
@1:04:10 Konami quitting console games
@1:14:12 Mighty No. 9 further delayed
@1:25:46 StarFox Zero delay
@1:31:07 A Fistful of Gun released
@1:31:25 Dying Light dev seeking players help with new expansion
@1:33:17 TBS to start airing Counter-Strike matches, weekly
@1:35:50 Oculus Rift unveils new "PC Ready" program
@1:41:04 Battleborn Trailer, new villain Lothar Rendain
@1:44:29 The Escapists: Walking Dead releases next week
@1:46:08 new game, TowerClimb a vertical roguelike, releases unexpectedly
@1:50:23 new game, Iron Fish a deep sea horror survival, new trailer and release date
@1:53:07 apparently there is a new Wolfenstein game in the works
@1:55:33 new game, Jotun a viking inspired platformer, out Sept. 29
@1:59:02 new game, Pamela a sci-fi horror, new trailer
@2:02:28 Nvidia putting GTX 980 GPUs in laptops
@2:07:55 Take a VR tour of the Enterprise D
@2:10:43 Mad Catz Rat Pro X mouse priced at $200 is highly customizable
@2:15:15 Kickstarter: Tears of Avia, tactical RPG
@2:20:02 Kickstarter: Allison Road, survival horror
@2:24:13 Kickstarter: Sol Trader, single player space flight and strategy game based off family and relationships
@2:29:46 Kickstarter: De Mambo, multiplayer action platformer
@2:34:12 Kickstarter: Essence, surreal exploration with prgressive gameplay
@2:38:10 Kickstarter: Gnomes vs Fairies, 3D fantasy adventure platforming game
@2:41:14 Kickstarter: Legacy of the Elder Star, side-scrolling arcade shooter

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