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Episode 21

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Welcome to our podcast where you can expect to find gaming news as well as some topical subjects that should interest all gamers, Let's Players, and Content Creators alike. Find each news piece listed below in a list with time stamps. 

@1:27 Halo 5 Day 1 patch is large
@3:25 Star Citizen update
@5:58 Reports say Nintendo has released Nintendo NX dev kits, OWG called it
@12:40 More Amiibo exclusivity bullshit
@14:01 Treyarch surprised by reaction to marketing stunt
@16:16 LoL 5.20 patch
@18:25 Nintendo thought new 3D Chibi-Robo would be too hard for younger children
@20:21 Sad news, TotalBiscuit reports he has inoperable cancer
@22:24 Beta games and Apps on Xbox One
@24:18 Konami sends package to fan who was hospitalized
@27:09 Dark Souls network test issues
@30:12 Doom closed Alpha test info
@32:19 Witcher 3 has a way of stopping gamers from cheating
@34:50 What a $6800 PC looks like
@37:58 New listings for Nintendo's Virtual Console
@42:12 New X-Men cartoons in development
@45:50 Pokemon GO dev raises over $20 million from Nintendo, Google, and Pokemon Company
@50:40 Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros coming December
@53:27 Godzilla vs King Kong movie confirmed for 2020
@55:08 Fan finds Zelda Twilight Princess HD icon in backend of Nintendo EShop
@56:45 Overwatch beta starts October 27
@58:47 Run Mo Run Movember charity game
@1:00:54 Humble Capcom Bundle is fantastic
@1:03:12 ARK: Survival Evolved sells over 2 million copies and introduces dino babies and breeding
@1:04:24 cRPG Age of Decadence out now
@1:06:24 Downwell, vertical gunboot shooter out now
@1:08:43 Kero Blaster coming to Steam with Zangyou upgrade
@1:11:15 Secret Ponchos leaves early access
@1:13:35 Allison Road Kickstarter cancelled and Team17 will be publishing the game instead
@1:15:37 new game Kingdom out this month
@1:18:32 Kickstarter: Friday the 13th The Game, horror survival
@1:24:27 Kickstarter: Wanderer, 2D adventure platformer RPG
@1:28:02 Kickstarter: The Forgettable Dungeon, roguelike co-op dungeon crawler
@1:30:29 Kickstarter: Fat Mask, competitive arcade puzzle brawler

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