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Episode 13

Mega Kickstarter

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Welcome to our podcast where you can expect to find gaming news as well as some topical subjects that should interest all gamers, Let's Players, and Content Creators alike. Find each news piece listed below in a list with time stamps. 


@1:12 Pac-Mac 256 available on App-Store
@2:44 Gearbox affirms ownership of Duke Nukem franchise
@5:30 Playing Tetris can help lower urges/cravings to sex, sleep, food, drugs, and alcohol
@8:38 Square will donate to charity for everyone who comes by their booth at Gamestop Expo and shaves their head
@11:10 Dragonball Xenoverse World Tournament announced and open
@14:04 Madden 2016 access
@15:24 Console Wars global lifetime sales figures
@27:33 Man tries to steal PS4 in pants
@34:53 Final Fantasy VII has sold over 11 million copies worldwide
@35:58 Red Dead Redemption has sold over 14 million copies worldwide
@39:27 Grandia II Anniversary Edition will be out later this month
@42:13 has large D&D game sale
@44:37 Rick and Morty announcer pack coming to DOTA2
@46:23 Pokken Tournament coming to Wii-U in the Spring
@47:54 San Andreas voted as best video game of all time by gaming public LOLOLOL
@55:15 2DS to drop in price from 130 to 100
@56:37 Write for Thor series slated to work on He-Man franchise
@59:51 Telltale's Back to the Future coming to PS4 and Xbox One
@1:01:25 Nintendo's Yo-Kai Watch coming to North America November 6 for the 3DS
@1:04:07 Clay-mation game Armikrog release pushed back again
@1:06:02 New launch trailer for Satellite Reign
@1:09:07 Western Digital releases new 6TB Black HDD
@1:10:59 Super Mutant Alien Assault early access started
@1:12:51 New trailer for Masquerada
@1:16:04 Hob, new strange adventure game by Runic Games
@1:19:41 Highly awaited Skyrim conversion mod has new alpha gameplay trailer, the shading and lighting!! OH MY!
@1:21:47 ARK hosts modding competition  with over $25k in prizes plus extra goodies
@1:24:20 Fingered game is fun but strange... subtle penis?
@1:26:32 new SNES hardware, SNES-Tap, brings save states to consoles
@1:32:35 Splatoon getting new stage
@1:34:16 Triple Triad available to play on mobile devices
@1:37:43 Kickstarter: Drink and Delegate
@1:40:35 Kickstarter: Game Over Remix
@1:45:13 Kickstarter: Aquanox
@1:49:18 Kickstarter: BattleCON Online
@1:51:32 Kickstarter: Judgement of Rage
@1:54:23 Kickstarter: Everspace
@1:58:42 Kickstarter: Overfall
@2:01:45 Kickstarter Trial by Viking
@2:06:26 Kickstarter: Tsioque

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