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Episode 15

Mega Man Movie

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Welcome to our podcast where you can expect to find gaming news as well as some topical subjects that should interest all gamers, Let's Players, and Content Creators alike. Find each news piece listed below in a list with time stamps.

@1:35 Doom Update
@9:23 Notch feeling isolated and unhappy
@16:12 More Bloodstained updates
@18:07 The Jackbox Party Pack 2/Fibbage 2 announced
@21:15 New 3DS coming bundled with new Animal Crossing
@24:00 Nintedno claiming more Youtube copyrights, ProJared
@34:14 Street Fighter 5, what happened to Cammy?
@40:25 Monopoly Fallout
@41:26 Ace Attorney 6 announced
@43:17 Battlefront Beta coming
@44:44 Steam reports say Steam sold 60 million games in August
@48:50 Deus-Ex Mankind Divided, worst pre-order structure EVER
@52:45 Destiny raid coming soon
@53:29 Shovel Knight discounted for PS4 and 3DS among other discounts
@55:57 new game Cibele, discover your teenage sexuality on the internet
@1:00:00 new game Tinertia, great new platformer
@1:01:46 Mega Man movie is in the works
@1:07:15 Asus GX700 4K water-cooled LAPTOP
@1:09:36 new game trailer for Soma, sci-fi horror
@1:16:43 Outer Wilds will release playable alpha thanks to crowdfunding campaign 
@1:19:19 Humble "Tom Clancy" Bundle
@1:21:39 new game Armello, tactical RPG board game
@1:24:09 Cave Shmups coming to Steam this Winter
@1:26:00 Warcraft movie footage leaked
@1:27:22 Prison Architect final alpha out now
@1:31:08 Borderlands movie being made by Lionsgate
@1:32:37 Fistful of Guns releases later this month, Live Pre-Purchase
@1:36:32 Kickstarter: Infinitrap, fast-paced puzzle game for hardcore players
@1:38:31 Kickstarter: A House of Many Doors, non-linear exploration RPG
@1:42:18 Kickstarter: Kill the Plumber, platformer, reverse Super Meat Boy
@1:46:05 Kickstarter: The Dwarves...
@1:50:57 Kickstarter: Levantera: Tale of the Winds, Pirates meets Metroidvania

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