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Episode 17

Metal Gear and Destiny Hogging News

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Welcome to our podcast where you can expect to find gaming news as well as some topical subjects that should interest all gamers, Let's Players, and Content Creators alike. Find each news piece listed below in a list with time stamps. 


@1:28 New King of Fighters 14 screenshots
@9:26 WWE 2K16 lineup choices
@17:13 Five Nights at Freddy's RPG
@19:13 new Final Fantasy Adventures game will be remake for PS Vita and Smartphones
@26:27 new game Chasm, metroidvania type game
@29:54 another Street Fighter 5 character: Karin
@33:54 new game The Witness to release January 2016
@36:09 Uncharted 4 Multiplayer beta to start December 4
@37:40 1 Million Super Mario Maker courses uploaded
@40:41 Dark Souls 3 to release April 2016 for US, Europe, Australia
@42:17 Shenmue 3 returns to accept more crowdfunding
@47:38 new game ShadowHand
@50:17 Kickstarter: For the King, turn-based strategy rogue-like
@54:48 Kickstarter: Battle Chasers: Nightwar, JRPG inspired, looks amazing
@59:39 Kickstarter: Pixel Noir, JRPG inspired, super interesting concept for an RPG
@1:04:17 Kickstarter: MegaMagic, isometric adventure RPG
@1:10:17 Kickstarter: Super Micro Heroes, multiplayer competitive coin collecting platformer, LOOKS SUPER FUN

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