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Episode 14

Nintendo Doin It Right

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Welcome to our podcast where you can expect to find gaming news as well as some topical subjects that should interest all gamers, Let's Players, and Content Creators alike. Find each news piece listed below in a list with time stamps. 


@1:09 Youtube Gaming has started
@6:09 Two Men Arrested for allegedly threatening Pokemon Tournament
@11:50 FBI arrest former Game of War dev for allegedly stealing trade secrets
@15:$0 New Diablo 3 Patch
@18:48 Nintendo to restock rare amiibos
@21:06 List of Hardest PC Games
@28:05 Man holds over 40k Playstation trophies
@31:28 Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo
@35:02 Two days left of Capcom sale on the 3DS and Wii U
@37:27 Rainbow Mika joins Street Fighter 5 
@40:38 Square-Enix to give away an island as a prize for Just Cause 3 contest
@44:43 Nintendo updates release schedule
@49:53 Dreamcast sales up
@1:04:00 Indie Game: Headlander
@1:07:59 Shovel Knight confirmed as new and first 3rd party Amiibo
@1:09:46 Forza 6 goes Gold and reveals all 460 vehicles
@1:13:53 Steam reaches 6000 available games
@1:17:28 Hyper Light Drifter dev settles on PC/Mac release
@1:20:02 Minecraft Story Mode coming to Wii U
@1:22:35 Gears of War dev creates new PC shooter, Law Breakers
@1:25:21 Turok and Turok 2 to get re-released to PC with enhanced graphics
@1:29:26 Rise of the Tomb Raider collector's edition 
@1:33:08 Indie Game: The Park
@1:39:40 Assassin's Creed Syndicate releasing later than expected
@1:40:54 AMD releases new graphics card, R9 Nano
@1:43:51 Logitech to release two new gaming headsets
@1:47:27 Indie Game: Everyday Misanthrope
@1:49:05 Humble Bundle offers "Choose Your Own Charity" option
@1:52:05 Mutant League Football to make return with new game
@1:56:54 Indie Game: Hard West
@1:58:44 Indie Game: Rogue Continuum
@2:00:40 Indie Game: Pillars of Eternity - The White March
@2:03:31 Trailer for new and FREE Shovel Knight expansion, Plague of Shadows
@2:06:16 Darkest Dungeon to add heart attacks and lingering corpses
@2:08:47 Indie Game: Trawl
@2:12:11 Indie Game: Layers of Fear
@2:15:44 Kickstarter: Omnibus
@2:20:20 Kickstarter: Divinity - Original Sin 2
@2:26:52 Kickstarter: Exoplanet
@2:30:16 Kickstarter: Particle Shield

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