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Episode 19

Picking Good Indie Games

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Welcome to our podcast where you can expect to find gaming news as well as some topical subjects that should interest all gamers, Let's Players, and Content Creators alike. Find each news piece listed below in a list with time stamps. 


@1:17 Steam Report for September
@5:25 Havok to join Microsoft
@7:11 PS4 update 3.0 update notes
@9:48 Sony to leave the PS5 up to developers
@13:30 Sony will not be making a Vita 2
@16:47 Taco Bell looking for game developers
@21:19 Might No. 9 finally gets release date
@22:48 Two characters added to Street Fighter 5 roster, Zangief and new Brazilian fighter Laura
@25:19 Fan made game for Mega Man, Super Fighting Robot Mega Man, looks amazing
@27:34 Call of Duty made fake terrorist attack story on Twitter as promotional material
@33:06 Nintendo will no longer sell merchandise in Greece
@36:30 Deus-Ex pre-order system removed, giving all rewards to anyone who pre-orders the game
@41:59 Humble Monthly Bundle information and thoughts
@46:52 Oculus Rift and the reasons it's priced at $350
@52:51 Nintendo just closed ballets for fan suggestions to add characters to Smash Bros.
@57:50 Nintendo to soon restock amiibos
@59:15 New Smash content available now
@1:01:09 Sniper Elite series just sold 10 million copies
@1:01:48 Amazon hires Lead Designer of Guild Wars 2 to design a new melee-oriented game
@1:05:25 Mario Tennis U gets release date
@1:06:46 Roller Coaster Tycoon world release date
@1:08:56 Developer of the Stanley Parable has released new game, The Beginner's Guide
@1:11:32 Puzzles and Dragons International competition announced
@1:11:58 Minecraft genius creates working gameboy and Pokemon Red in Minecraft!!!
@1:17:08 Soma sells 92k copies in 10 days
@1:18:55 SpeedRunners free to play this weekend
@1:22:25 Fallout Anthology comes in a mini-nuke
@1:23:22 House of Many Doors raises triple it's goal on Kickstarter
@1:24:29 New Raspberry Pi starter kit includes Windows 10 core
@1:28:39 Logitech's G410 keyboard
@1:30:55 new game Mushroom 11
@1:33:56 ARK: Survival Evolved gets two new biomes added
@1:36:03 new game Else Heart.Break()
@1:40:03 Kickstarter: B.E.E.S., strategy card game
@1:49:16 Kickstarter: Skreens, stream all devices onto one
@1:57:18 Kickstarter: Home Free, simulate playing as a lost dog
@2:01:58 Kickstarter: First Wonder, jetpacks vs giant
@2:07:15 Kickstarter: BattleTech, turn-based tactical mech combat
@2:14:36 Kickstarter: The Journey Down, point and click adventure
@2:19:35 Kickstarter: Rite of Life, life-sim RPG

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