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Episode 11

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Welcome to our podcast where you can expect to find gaming news as well as some topical subjects that should interest all gamers, Let's Players, and Content Creators alike. Find each news piece listed below in a list with time stamps. 


@1:05 New World of Warcraft Expansion Info
@4:59 Konami and Square/Enix showing large profits in last quarter
@6:13 Angry Birds 2 Sells 20 Million downloads in 1st week and Free to Play
@9:10 New Amiibo Listings
@12:39 Mega Man Collection Release Date
@13:43 Activision/Blizzard gives numbers for declining WoW subscribers, 2 Billion hours of Destiny played already, etc.
@20:06 Battletoads Rash to be added to new Killer Instinct 
@22:07 Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Japan CANCELLED
@25:24 Mighty No.9 Release Date pushed back until 2016
@26:57 More Bloodstained, new Character!
@29:38 New Dragonball Game coming to 3DS
@31:52 Sims 4 Expansion Release Date
@35:02 Preorder Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and receive an exclusive character
@37:28 Project Cars developer to make new Red Bull Air Race game, racing in planes!
@41:16 Hoverboard a reality thanks to Lexus
@48:58 Microsoft and Seagate release new 2TB external drive exclusive to Xbox One
@53:18 Halo Wars2 announced and will be developed by Creative Assembly
@55:12 new game Unravel looks adorable and fun
@59:07 Corsair announces new keyboards, new mouse, and new headset lineup, release dates and prices included
@1:03:48 Cobalt, once exclusive to Xbox, is coming to PC
@1:05:31 Red Ash almost fails to meet kickstarter goal until Chinese owned Fuze Entertainment stepped in to ensure the game's release
@1:08:24 Vega announced for Street Fighter 5
@1:14:40 new game SUPERHOT, FPS strategy game/bullet time strategy game
@1:17:34 Fallout 4 Special Pip-Boy Edition sold out BUT fan makes a 3D printable schematic which he allows others to have for free, MAKE YOUR OWN
@1:20:59 new trailer for new Need for Speed game, looks amazing
@1:24:33 Zelda Triforce Heroes Release Date
@1:26:24 $1000 Reward for Mario 64 glitch
@1:31:07 Blackwake, new pirate themed game with FPS aspects, looks incredible and I wants to haz babies wit it

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