Out of this world entertainment is in your face from outer space. Inside The Mothership is not just another podcast. Its an intergalactic journey threw a mine field of comedy, music, live performances, interviews and the unknown. Alienstone and D-Unit will beam you aboard, live every Sunday at 12pm eastern on AlienXRadio.

At twice the speed of redunkulous, you're bound to miss something. But don't worry. The gravitational plates are gravitating, the inertia canceller is canceling and the deflector array allows you to download episodes of InsideTheMothership on ITunes!

And now, a few warnings.

1. This show may cause intense bursts of laughter, insightful thinking and moments of utter confusion. But don't worry, we have that effect on most humans.

2. Continued usage may cause the uncontrollable desire to wash your ears out with soap.

3. Resistance is futile and...

4. probing is not allowed.

Call in to the show live at 313-444-8919 or hang out in the chat room at www.AlienXRadio.com

If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on the show, shoot us an email and tell us why you should be Inside The Mothership! Send it to alienstone@alienxradio.com.

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