Internet Whatnots
Episode 5

NBA Marvel Mock Draft & Talking Superhero/NBA Whatnots

d00ditsjeremy published on

Hey d00ds! Today we're mashing two awesome topics - our favorite Marvel Superheroes and NBA All Stars! How do they connect? You'll have to listen to the first bit to find out. Also very excited to have my first guest Elizabeth! Elizabeth is in the process of starting up her own podcast, which you can stay up to date with HERE


The Super Bowl is over, which leaves us with the Stanley Cup and the NBA Finals to look forward to. BUT, we also have Black Panther to look forward to, which is releasing February 16th. So all that being said, we thought it would be fun to combine those two elements and come up with our own superhero basketball teams. Afterwards, Elizabeth and I talk a little superhero films (namely Suicide Squad and Justice League) and then get into a little basketball talk as well.

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