Interviewing John Macdonald

How we see the world has a huge impact on our experience of the world. 

Today we meet with John Macdonald an accomplished painter. 

John Macdonald is an accomplished Canadian Artist whose work has been collected and exhibited nationally and internationally for over two decades. His work is informed by traditional as well as the avant-garde.

The images usually depict people in the Artist’s immediate environment. His endeavour is, in essence, to create social situations, involving the viewer as the silent third party, caught in the act of looking.

The physicality and lush application of oil paint encourage a dialogue that speaks to the viewer with their amorphic fleeting nuances and experimental flicks of paint, tracing the creative act..  To learn more about John go to


As John takes us through the beauty of his work, notice the considerations and the viewpoint that he chooses. Notice that John is considering which emotions to paint each of the paintings. Notice the multiple images that are brought in to describe a particular story. 

Emotions are profoundly powerful energy. When we bring emotion to a story this is like a kind of fuel, fuel that will have an impact on what happens next in our lives. 

John is considering the emotions of his subjects and painting emotions with color, shape and texture. 

Try it for a moment, think of a subject in your own life and notice what emotions are associated. What energy comes forward? How does this play out in the minutes, hours, days ahead? 

Emotions are fuel. So we want to pay attention to what direction you’re heading.

This is a kin to the multiple associations each of us has in her mind with any given idea. Our thoughts about one subject are tied to, linked to, assessments we have made decisions we have made, stories that we have. So when we consider one thing, it stimulates others.  

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