Into the Radlands
Episode 7

Tiger Pushes Mountain

Podrick Cast published on

Jessie and Daniel head into season 2 of AMC's post-apocalyptic martial arts action show, Into the Badlands, where everyone grows facial hair and upgrades their outfits

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  • I was thinking about this during your "Pitch us a Barony" but never typed it out 'cause I usually listen to this while driving; and I think it works better as a society outside of a Barony. I have this concept for a sort of Enclave of people obsessed with Tech from Before, not like ~Mystical Future Tech~ or useful things like MRI machines or 3D Printers, but the weird, useless stuff. MP3 players full of obscure Indie Bands, Kitchen Gadgets, Gameboys. The Entertainment of the world before the fall. Currency is a thing, because they have to interface with the outside world, but much more commerce within this space (which I'm imagining like everything you'd find in a small town, but sequestered into a half-ruined skyscraper that's slowly being reclaimed by nature and also refitted with more simple wood and/or wattle-and-daub architecture) is based on consumable trivium. A week of food for a USB drive with a Bowie Album on it, a new pair of shoes for a copy of Frogger. I imagine a lot of people would be weird and insular, with lots of clashing time periods, and only half-understood things. Imagine someone watching only The Matrix Reloaded and never knowing there are others in the series, but for an entire culture.
    This isn't so much "This is what I would create if I could" and more "This is a thing I think would exist."