Into the Unknown: Stories of Reclamation, Rebirth, and Alchemy

Episode 1

Intro Episode -- After The Fall...

Ariana Bernstein published on

Welcome to the intro episode of Into the Unknown: Stories of Reclamation, Rebirth, and Alchemy. This week I'm just going to give you just a little taste of why I am a student of consciousness and why I am passionate enough about this subject to start a podcast on it. Because this is a deeply personal and intimate journey, next week, we'll take an even deeper dive into the trials and tribulations that brought me to this point. We'll also start to peel back the layers and unravel questions about why we believe what we believe and give ourselves the possibility and tools to change our perceptions, if we so desire. I hope you'll join me on this magical journey where we will learn from mavericks, in their respective fields, about radical healing techniques, quantum physics, infinite possibility, and why societal systems are designed the way they are and how we can be dependent on ourselves to navigate around them.  Until then, remember that joy is a spiritual act of resistance, so keep up the joy, keep up the good vibes because that is how you start to have agency over your own life. 


Music Credit: Purple Planet Music - After the Fall


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