Intuitive Journey with Desiree

Episode 32

A conversation with Ayse Hogan - Fellow Hypnotist, Life Coach and Energy Worker

Desiree Holmes Scherini BCH, MHt, LBLt, CRMT published on

Join Dr Ayse Hogan, Transformational Guru and Healing Catalyst,, and Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Desiree Holmes Scherini, in a conversation about a little bit of everything! From Hypnosis to Conspiracy theories (we couldn't help but notice Desiree's sound went down while we spoke about the conspiracy theories!)

Ayse is a multi-certified healing professional - She is located in Southampton, Ontario, Canada and also does workshops around the world. She is the co-organizer (along with Hypnobiz founder and CEO, Selena Valentine) of Hypnobiz Canada taking place in Ottawa in June, as well as the Inagural Women Hypnotist's Summit and Retreat taking place in Los Angeles California in July, where both Ayse and Desiree will be presenting and offering workshops! to find out more go to:  to find links for all of the Hypnobiz conferences and visit: to find out more about the Women Hypnotist's Summit and Retreat. Relax with us and take a listen to find out more about what we will be offering in our presentations and workshops coming up, along withconversation about alien agendas, belief systems, raising our frequency, staying healthy, spoon bending and intention setting! 

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