Intuitive Journey with Desiree

Episode 9

Interview with Author and Life Coach - Kimberley Bell

Desiree Holmes Scherini BCH, MHt, LBLt, CRMT published on

In this episode of Intuitive Journey with Desiree, Desiree has an energetic conversation with author and life coach, Kimberley Bell, of One True Joy. Kimberley and Desiree delve into the dynamics of relationships They discuss what it takes to stay, and when to know it's time to go! They share personal experience as well as their knowledge learned and gained on how to listen to your own voice and intuition about your own relationship! 

Kimberley is the author of "Empowering YOU: 11 Ways to Shift your Personal Paradigm", Her Life Coaching can be found at, and her Podcast is "You are Good Enough" (Desiree was delighted to also be her guest there too!)

Your host, Desiree, can be reached and  followed at

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