It's All Mishegoss
Episode 45

Hump Day & It's All Mishegoss Episode 45

Mark&Patti Clifford ???????? published on


The Donald is coming to Fresno. Right after The Bill came for Hillary. We are one busy City right now. Now all we need is Bernie or someone else.

Mike and Amira Elgan are the best nomads I know. They keep you in the know and share great pics, content and more. If you don't follow Mike and Amira now, then get with and do it. Find them on Facebook, G+ and Becoming Nomad.

Stacy and Brandon make up Pacific North Wanderers. Want to know about the Pacific North West? Chak out their website and blog for everything you need to know.

Health wise I brought up my weight loss over the past 1 1/2 years. Not trying to brag or anything, but I listened to Dr. Dean Ornish and his philosophy of changing your lifestyle. I like it, followed it and am doing great. Learn more on the podcast.

Then I talk recipes, news, and a bunch of other crap you should know. Why? Because it's Hump Day darn it.

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Thanks for listening by the way.

SHOW NOTE: I called Mike and AMira's website Being Nomad instead of Becoming Nomad. My apologies to all.


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