It's All Mishegoss
Episode 51

Hump Day & It's All Mishegoss. In honor of episode #51 we talk Area 51 Facts and Myths

Mark&Patti Clifford ???????? published on

Today's podcast is a host of conspiracy theories. Although I tried to give you the best of facts and myths. Area 51, that's right that great place everyone mentions when we talk aliens and UFO's.

I'm not going to bore you here with liner notes with a list of facts and myths I talk about. You're going to have to listen and hear them all. I did flub up the reading a few or maybe more times, but you will get the facts and myths that I found on the website Educating Humanity. Hope you enjoy.

I do mention that I was interviewed on Monday by Peter Shankman for his podcast Faster than Normal Podcast. Which is all about living and working with ADHD. I was given the chance to open up about my history with ADHD, my life living and being confined for 10 years, and also tips that work for me.

With that final note, it's time to do your part and listen in and let me know what you think my commenting here and oniTunes or any of the other podcast apps we are on like Stitcher Radio, Clammr and Google Music Play. 

Have a great day and thanks for tuning in.

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