It's All Mishegoss
Episode 48

Hump Day & It's All Mishegoss. Talking Orlando, Shootings, Change and more.

Mark&Patti Clifford ???????? published on

I changed my mind today about the podcast. I as originally going to try to bring in stuff from Monday and Tuesday, but once I started I kept to the main feature for today. Orlando and the shootings and gun control.

I don't support the NRA or agree with having weapons out there, but I don't agree with banning them either. It will only cause the black market to grow with weapons and then the guns sold will be totally uncontrolled including their safety features. Black market weapons can be altered to any specs the seller or buyer want. I see this as more of a problem than just controlling who buys weapons.

Change. How often do you change something in your life? Maybe your looks or something around you to make you feel better. I changed my look the other day and then today went back to my original look. Thank God.

I have ADHD which keeps me in check with my podcast. I attempt to keep the podcasts to 12 minutes each week or day. I find that the idea listening time for everyone, especially me when I listen to my own podcasts. For a great example of ADHD and podcasting check out my friend Peter Shankman's podcast Faster Than Normal (click the name and you will go there). You really need to check it out. I'll be on there within a couple of weeks. 

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Have a great Hump Day!

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