It's All Mishegoss
Episode 31

Hump Day Mishegoss. Shout outs to Product Hunt and Shout Engine

Mark&Patti Clifford ???????? published on

Is it truly Hump Day? Yes and know. Depends on when your weekend starts. I think we can all say hump day is virtually every day!

I wanted to do a couple of shout outs today to Product Hunt for featuring our podcast #29 today on Product Hunt. I was very excited and humbled at the same time. Thanks to Erik and Ryan at Product Hunt.

A special Hout out to SHoutEngine and Chris Hayes and his team for making this one of the best hosting sites for podcasts on the web. They are truly there when you need them.

Another shot out to Darya Rose and Kevin Rose. Darya started her own podcast Foodist this week and it's fantastic. Kevin as The Journal Newsletter and podcast and as always it is fantastic.

Have a great week as always and I will be back soon. Let me know what I need to do better and I will.




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