It's All Mishegoss
Episode 38

It's All Mishegoss on Tuesday...Social Media, the Zoo and taking a break from an app

Mark&Patti Clifford ???????? published on

Do you think you could take a break from your favorite social app for 30 days? How about 15? I spend a great deal of time talking about social media and how I believe things have changed in this world between family and friends. The days of hanging out together have come and gone. It's now about text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat and more.

Gone are the days of a group of friends hanging at a pub or ice cream shop to chat. Why do that when they can chat on the web?

I took a trip to the zoo Sunday and heard the immortal words from a parent to their child when they said "Google it" in relation to a giraffe. I couldn't believe I heard that at the zoo. Instead of answering the kids question they told them to google it. what a joke.

The thing was I heard that over and over at different exhibits at the zoo. I heard it especially when we were in the reptile house. Seems no one knows about snakes or reptiles anymore.

You might as well tune in for more great ranting on social media.


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