It's All Mishegoss
Episode 53

It's All Mishegoss - Thursday. Monday Blues, Coaching Essentials and Protesting

Mark&Patti Clifford ???????? published on

This podcast is a few days late and I am sorry. Things just got out of hand around here and I lost track of time each and every day. Finally, I sat down and got this thing done.

Monday Mornings. Do you hate them like so many others? Don't worry I won't judge you. I hate them also, but I hate them a little less more and more. What I do is try not to think about them over the weekend. I mean they're coming no matter what I do and why should I ruin my time on the weekend with family and friends. I wrote a post about it on Medium. Here's the link to check it out at "Why Rush Monday's?"

Coaching and coaches. I have nothing against coaches who have lived in the trenches and want to help others going through a ton of crap. What I do have an issue with is a coach who hasn't been there and done that and thinks a certificate from some coaching organization makes them a life or business coach. Listen in for more.

Protesting. I have nothing against protests. Matter of fact I love to protest. I won't though bother or intrude on the people I want to support my cause. Like people driving their cars. Just recently at a protest here in Fresno, the marchers on the street kept blocking traffic as other protestors are doing around the country. What's the point of getting these people upset.?They are not the ones you want to reach. It's the Police or the politicians. Leave the traffic alone. You need them for support. 

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