It's All Mishegoss
Episode 55

Monday August 1st. Hillary, The Donald, Bernie and final thoughts on the convention. ADHD and more

Mark&Patti Clifford ???????? published on

It's Monday, August 1st and it's another adventure in Mishegoss Land.

I started by giving my final thoughts on the conventions. Nothing radical just some incidental thoughts since we are now going for the gold, go, Gary Johnson, y the way! 

Then what would be a podcast on It's All Mishegoss without new stuff going on? I started a new blog titled The Life of Papa (click the name folks) It's a journey with me and my grandkids through their eyes and mine. I have given you a run down on the players, but if you visit the blog you can get it all in writing and follow along. There may eve be a podcast in the future?

ADHD! How many of you out there have ADD or ADHD? Raise your hands. Well, I do and I was on Peter Shankman's Faster Than Normal Podcast a couple of weeks ago discussing my life with ADHD and tricks I have used to control it. Today I discussed it a bit more and also I opened up the lines of communication between me and you if you want some help. 

Thanks for listening as always and tune in tomorrow for more from It's All Mishegoss.

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