It's All Mishegoss
Episode 54

The DEMS are in the house. The RNC left the house and here are some fresh ideas for you!

Mark&Patti Clifford ???????? published on

Finally, I get this podcast out. There have been so many things going on lately I just haven't been able to get a podcast in. I promise to do better.

I am going to be moving around now for the podcasts so you will get some different atmospheres happening for each one.

The democrats are in the house and I hear FLOTUS killed them on the first night. Something I would expect from her and her grace and charm. Can't wait to listen a little later and give you a short opinion from me. I stay clear of most politics.

I have met one of the best guys for helping me think clearly ever. Jonas Ellison is a writer and taking his skills to a higher level by helping people think better with his input. He's a coach without the coaching title. He's the best at what he does and you need to check him out now.Go to and type in Jonas Ellison or look for his publication Higher Thoughts. I'm serious don't wait.

That's it for the podcast tonight. Thanks for listening and looking forward to your comments so I can write back. Have a great day.

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