It's Clobberin Time with Jon Bogdanove and Tim Powers
Episode 5

FF #3 and 4: The Menace of the Miracle Man and Coming of the Sub-Mariner

Tim Powers published on

Comics art legend Jon Bogdanove and comedian Tim Powers plow through two important issues of The World's Greatest Comic Magazine;  Issued 3 and 4. 

At a stage performance, a man who calling himself the Miracle Man demonstrates his amazing powers including invulnerability and strength greater than the Thing. The Fantastic Four flying home in their Fantasticar are relieved that the Miracle Man isn't a menace. However, unbeknownst to them, the Miracle Man has indeed decided to turn to crime beginning by bringing a monstrous statue to life!

Splitting up to search for the giant monster Mr. Fantastic finds the it robbing a jewelry store and tries to stop it but the monster escapes when the Miracle Man throws a brick at Mr. Fantastic. The rest of the team then encounter the monster but as the Human Torch burns it to the ground though the Miracle Man escapes though the Invisible Girl manages to tail him while invisible. The remaining members of the team meanwhile get into a fight and Johnny Storm storms off.

The Miracle Man discovering the Invisible Girl hypnotizes her into obeying him. Ordering her to signal the Fantastic Four he then sabotages the Fantasti-copter and attempts to flee in a stolen atomic tank and the Fantastic Four set off in chase. During the chase the Human Torch makes his flame so bright that the flash blinds the Miracle Man, rendering him powerless since all along he was merely hypnotizing people to see things. However, the Human Torch and the Thing argue once again and the Human Torch announces that he is leaving the Fantastic Four forever and flies away.  


Picking up where the last issue ends Johnny Storm following an argument with the Thing, and generally feeling under-appreciated by the team, quits the Fantastic Four and flies off. Soon after the other members of the Fantastic Four go in search of him and fearing him to be a threat the military and police set out in hunt of him as well. The Thing finds Johnny working on his hot rod and the two fight before Johnny flees to the Bowery to hide. In a Bowery flophouse the Human Torch then discovers the Sub-Mariner.

The Sub-Mariner disheveled and suffering from amnesia has his memory restored when Johnny Storm realises it is him and drops him into the sea in an attempt to restore his memory. The Sub-Mariner swims off to his home only to find his home city of Atlantis destroyed by nuclear bomb tests and he swears vengeance upon mankind. Using the Horn of Proteus, the Sub-Mariner summons Giganto, a massive sea monster and the Fantastic Four, once again reunited, defeat the monster by having the Thing carry an atomic bomb into it's stomach.

Sub-Mariner about to attempt to summon more sea monsters with the Horn of Proteus, is unable to do so when the Invisible Girl steals it from him. As the Sub-Mariner grabs her she becomes visible and the Sub-Mariner instantly falls in love with her and promises to give up his war on humanity if she will be his queen. Sue agrees, but when the other team members try to intervene, he vows to have both Sue and his war!


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