Jeff The Producer Podcast
Episode 5

Jeff The Producer Episode 5: Is Floyd Mayweather Coming To The UFC? Ben Askren Retires, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut discussed and Charlie's Angels reviewed!

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In the latest JEFF THE PRODUCER PODCAST EPISODE 5: Floyd Mayweather and UFC President Dana White are talking about something big happening in the UFC next year!  Are we going to see a rematch between Conor and Floyd, or is Mayweather taking his chances in the Octagon as an MMA fighter?  Jeff The Producer thinks he knows the answer!

Plus: Why did Ben Askren just announce his retirement after only 3 fights in the UFC?  JTP says he's made a terrible mistake and gives advice on what he can do to keep his name in the minds of MMA fans!  

You may have seen the hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut on various social media platforms, where fans of Justice League are asking Warner Brothers to release what they believe to be a better version of the film.  Does the mysterious "Snyder Cut" even exist?  Jeff The Producer sets the record straight and gives the "so-called-nerds" some real eye opening facts about their fantasy flick that was NEVER MADE!

Charlie's Angels recieved yet another reboot, this time from Director/Actor/Writer Elizabeth Banks, but the movie flopped big time in the box office.  The fledgeling director blames MALES and SPIDER-MAN for the failure!  JTP reveals the REAL reason why the movie underperformed, and shares real audience reactions in his 2nd consecutive special segment of "Reviewing the Reviews"!

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