Jeff The Producer Podcast
Episode 4

Jeff The Producer Podcast Episode 4: The Next Big UFC Fight, Jeff The Producer Vs. Superman (Henry Cavill), Critiquing the Critics!

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Jeff The Producer Episode 4 starts off with JTP giving Dana White some advice as to how to put together the next few headliners for the UFC!  Which divisons are the best?  Who needs to fight who?  Is there a standout fighter that no one is talking about?  Jeff The Producer  says who that fighter is and predcits some furutre UFC Main Events!

Plus, JTP Vs. SUPERMAN: Henry Cavill may be the new On-Screen Man Of Steel, but does he know anything about lifting weights?  JTP thinks Clark Kent needs to take a time out in his Fortress of Solitude and needs to learn a few things about exercising before he gives out bad advice!  Who wins in this epic battle of muscle?  You be the judge!

Finally: What's with all of these "reviews" from so-called fans on popular movie sites?  Jeff The Producer tries to make sense out of why someone would give a movie a 2 star rating, but then write a positive review!  Listen in as he "critiques the critics" in a hysterically honest and "critically acclaimed" review of the reviews!  Tune in to another exciting episode of the Jeff The Producer Podcast!  LISTEN NOW!

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