John and Garnett Podcast
Episode 15

Pre-orders, Destiny, Divinity, and Garden Warfare + Games of the Generation

John Davison published on

We're back on the regular schedule again this week, and we're all over the place. Lots of Divinity enthusiasm (and some doubts), plus Garden Warfare, the Destiny Ghose Edition, and much discussion about pre-orders and all the nonsense that seems to surround them these days. Plus, prompted by Game Informer's story, we ponder the best games of the last generation.

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  • William Taylor

    I like when Garnett said, "at least on PS4 you can easily update the HDD." Plugging in a USB drive is too much hassle these days? Compared to taking out screws and opening up the console? Old folks say the darndest things ;-)

  • John Davison


  • Keith Oh

    Don't you think it's bad idea to Pre-order? I feel like it's not supporting the developers & creators. It's only helping out the publisher to measure and predict how much it's going to sell. Let's image if Pre-order exist in movie industry. I will hate to see movie studio telling director to change the story around because it didn't pre-order well. Movie studio just need to trust the director and creative process until movie is done. This goes same for the game. I feel like Pre-order might kill the creative process for game.