John and Garnett Podcast
Episode 3

Pre-sequels, remasters, remakes and finding a fitting sign-off

John Davison published on

John and Garnett talk about pre-sequels (that void that exists between a prequel and a sequel, now given form thanks to Borderlands) and the growing number of next-gen "remasters" that are coming - sparked by the announcement of The Last of Us for PlayStation 4. Then they get distracted and talk about old Rockstar games, and there's a lengthy story about how Grand Theft Auto III ended up on the cover of the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine back in 2001. Also; more Diablo 3 enthusiasm, and John is starting to really warm to the charms of The Elder Scrolls Online. He's still had no luck getting Garnett to play Titanfall though. Bonus! We stumbled upon a fitting sign off for each episode.

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