John and Garnett Podcast
Episode 8

Xbox One: "Now Without Kinect," Fake E3 Games Lists, and Marmite Games. Now with more Simon Cox

John Davison published on

This week, Microsoft dropped its pre-E3 bombshell of releasing a Kinect-less Xbox One SKU (coming June 9) - so, of course we talk about that, and other Xboxiness. Naturally, this segues into E3 predicitions, and we pick-apart the totally fakey "leaks" that seem to be popping up online every other day. It's not they're not credible lists of games - they're just not "real" lists. Also this week: we're joined by the handsome Simon Cox who introduces everyone to the notion of a "Marmite game." What's a Marmite game? Well, it's something you either love or hate; so something like Mirror's Edge, for example.

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