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Episode 4

Episode #4, Josh Reviews the Last Jedi and a recomends a new podcast

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Josh will fill the audience in on how his Cub Scout Comic turned out, how to be kind and What "FOUWA" means.   He will also give his not really spoiler review of the Last Jedi which includes Swag and Porgs. Josh borrows the Dads "Intro Voice", Plugs his new favorite Podcast "This Podcast Has Fleas" along with his old favorite "Everyone Racers".  A last ditch appeal for listeners to write in questions actually might work since this and the other three podcasts are actually going to be uploaded!!

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  • Very clear comments and intriguing enough to want to buy some of the videogames!
    “SWAG” love it!
    Porgs RULE!
    The Last Jedi,,,, two thumbs up! YES! My little Jedi Josh is cool!
    Q and A..... more about the Last Jedi. —— what was the best scene for you? I enjoyed plenty, but want to know what you liked the most