Journey Through The Void
Episode 3

Journey Through The Void Episode #3 - Left Brain-Right Brain Balance with Lisa Carnwith

Pep Duhaime published on

An interview with Lisa Carnwith.  Lisa is a life-long Creative, from a long line of Creatives.  Her accomplishments include earning a degree in Psychology and another in Engineering. While working in the Mechanical Engineering field, she continued her artistic pursuits including a knitting business and choral singing. While raising three daughters, she worked for Scientists in School designing, evaluating and presenting science workshops throughout southern Ontario.  At the same time, she worked as an African Hand Drumming facilitator and performed in a drumming band.  

Lisa spent one season as a co-host of the Makeful TV show, Make it Big/Make it Small and has taught many workshops combining science and art. 

She is also a hypnotist specializing in anxiety disorders amongst teens and young women and continues her musical pursuits in a rock band as singer/guitar/bass player.  Her art room, where she makes all her own greeting cards and many other crafts, is her sanctuary 

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