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Episode 7

007 Morning Habits to Transform Your Life | Daily Tuning

Sarah Hart published on

So what if I told you there is a way to have a productive morning every single day & actually be excited to wake up? Well there is.. its called a morning ritual... We all have morning rituals we just don’t know it. Yours could be waking up, hitting the snooze button, then going straight on to your phone & checking Facebook, Instagram or any of those other social media sites...and saying to yourself...'UGHHH I don't want to get up.' 

In today's eposide you will learn how to create a life-changing morning routine adapted from Hal Elrod's best selling book 'The Miracle Morning,' which is going to set you up for the best possible day ahead. 

Will you feel like it at first? NO! But if we waited to feel like doing anything....we would never get out of bed. What it comes down to is this… we start our day dictates how are day goes! 

Head to to pick up my version of a morning 'Daily Tuning Guide,' to help start your new routine.

Try the 30 day challenge and see for yourself. Warning!: Expect to feel more energised, calmer and get more done!

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