Jude Hill, From domestic abuse and long years of emotional pai and agony to finding her real life purpose,

My guest today is Jude Hill, she is a vegan, currently living and working in Bristol, UK.  In her early years while pursueing a carreer to be a  farmer while learning to be a farmer, she was molested by the  farm owner. This is her years to heal as she could not share the tragedy with her parents due family problems she had with them.  She had long years of thinking about committing suicide and when she had a baby, she would always be thinking when this baby grow up and be able to take care of her ownself she will just finish it up with her life. It took her long years of agony and pain until one day she was able to open up and shared her problem with a pastor. The beginning of a turning point in a life. In She is now found her purpose and  as became a vegan, Jude is now happier she has now found her real purpose in life and she also now become a speaker, something she is very passionate about. her mission is to help animals asd well as help people with similar tauma like she had.