This is a 15 minute show that aired on am radio in california and It begins with music and ends with music and contains 1 psa and 2 commercials. It is my show that ranges in topics and ideas but always covers at least one thought. 

I have come to believe that we create based on our attitude and focus and that both play off of each other. it has been said that the true test is how we choose to respond to the pain we suffer and that suffering is a matter of perspective. Thus I have come to realize that by paying attention I have the ability to participate differently and even enhance my life experience. By caring enough to want to participate and feel differently I have the power to find ways to experience and store differently. I believe this is a skill that can be developed by attentiveness, open ended awareness, non-judgement and an aim to create and hold myself accountable. Throughout my journey I have found what I believe is an outline for how to accomplish this. I call it The Art Of Affectual Awareness.. Through complete honesty with myself and the listener my findings could inspire and lead to a new sense of choice and freedom. This is the purpose for my podcast.

 With this show I aspired to capture certain ideas and understandings that have now lead to writing the book "Breaking Down Illusions.. and still finding enthusiasm" and at current The How Philosophy Blog