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Episode 1

First Show

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Didn't have a name for my radio show airing on KTSTfm yet, but knew what I wanted to aim for, I decided to start at the beginning and allow it to be what it is. The format was still forming.  The voice may come in a bit strong. I started by using music to get messages across. To really make an effort to direct our minds to understand the way things are working that we store or that we decide are important is the focus of this radio show. I aim to evaluate certain ideas and narrow the focus for each show. Although this was uploaded now... this all began in 2008.


opening song: All Fired Up by Pat Benetar  https://genius.com/Pat-benatar-all-fired-up-lyrics

second song: Enjoy The Silence by Lacuna Coil  https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/lacunacoil/enjoythesilence.html

third song: Let It Go by Luba from 9 and half weeks https://genius.com/Luba-let-it-go-lyrics

fourth song: Unlike Me by Kate Havnevik from Grey's Anatomy  https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/katehavnevik/unlikeme.html

fifth song: Gotta Be by Desree  https://genius.com/Desree-you-gotta-be-lyrics

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