Just 1 Thought
Episode 5

The Struggle

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Facing Pain and going thru it while looking from a focus of appreciation can be an honest way of seeing things as they are in addition to seeing things in a growth oriented way. To see things as training for another phase of life and purpose can help ease the mental struggle and make all happenings seem arranged to be a way to train the mind and spirit for something bigger in the future.

To pay attention to the exact timing of things and feel a message on a personal level can be comical and make things more meaningful. If the aim is to find a way to laugh at the unfolding of events then things become less dramatic, truly funny and lighthearted.

To truly appreciate how far I have come and see growth seemed helpful during the struggle.


opening song: Religion by Jane Child https://genius.com/Jane-child-youre-my-religion-now-lyrics

closing song: Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode https://genius.com/Depeche-mode-personal-jesus-lyrics

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