KENNEDY ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS: Dr. Ravencroft's Hollywood of Horrors
Episode 37

K.E.M Studios Presents: Dr. Ravencroft's Hollywood of Horrors

Brendan Kennedy published on

This Month's Scarefest of Anthologies are Shadowman parts 1 and 2, Morning Shrieks, The Doppelganger, Demons in the Trees, Lillith, The Cemetery Painting, and The fan dedication The Lovely Mr. and Mrs. Fan.......Musical guests by Henry Hall, Argyle Goolsby and Blondie. Good night out there , whatever you are hahahahahahaha! Oh and we are always kindly accepting donations of any kind , shape or size and if you're a musician or artist and you wanna contribute to this show , you're always welcome to contact me at or find me on facebook at 

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