Keyboard Warriors
Episode 2


Richard Butt published on

Once again, we talk about cool stuff. I think we mentioned porn in there, that's pretty rad.


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Chris - @WolfScarIII

Christian - @AH_ACBrother

Britt - @dapple_apple

Josh - @InsertBurritos

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  • KhevaKins

    I'm not generally a podcast guy but I gave this a listen and chuckld a few times, so... keep it up and stuff.

    5:59 "We were Perfectly calm 60 years ago, 50 years ago." WW2, Korea, Vietnam. The only difference the internet has made is that it is easier to find someones opinion.
    9:58 Black Mesa. Play it. Half Life was fantastic when it came out, Black Mesa is a worthy remake to it.
    21:58 Kung Fu Chaos was AMAZING. One of my best gaming moments was setting all the AI on the other team and putting them on the hardest difficult and still beating them. Ahh nostalgia. The best part is only that I had spent literal hours playing the demo, the only version I had :) Also spent hours playing the Mercenaries POD demo before I ever could affored the game #Child gaming problems
    31:12 MAC Cannon >:( God damn it Britt. Mass Acceleration Cannon Cannon?
    35:02 At Reach the Covvies attacked with more ships but it was most of their fleet. The UNSC ships at Reach wasn't the majority, they talk about reinforcements still being on their way, plus there would still be Earths Home Fleet and other fleets that weren't coming anyway. During combat UNSC ships usually lose 2/3 of their fleet during a battle and so they have to outnumber 1 covvie to 3 UNSC to win, which they often did.

  • KhevaKins

    "31:12 MAC Cannon >:( God damn it Britt. Mass Acceleration Cannon Cannon?"
    My bad. Magnetic Accelerator Cannon Cannon?

  • Joshua William Chan

    Thanks for the Feed back! I really appreciate the time you put into commenting. We are working on Ep.3 right now.