Kino /BR/itto
Episode 1

Send in the Clowns (Suspiria, It, Blade Runner 2049)

Idiom published on

On the Mic: Idiom, McDoogle, RipVanWenkle, FluffyPanzer, Adrian [Camera] (Came back during introduction), Onechi (Dropped out partway).

Movies Discussed: Suspiria, It, Suicide Squad, Law Abiding Citizen, Seed, Madoka: Rebellion(tho not really), Blade Runner 2049, Koe no Katachi, Arrival, Bad Black, Who Killed Captain Alex, A Better Tomorrow

Things which should have not been discussed but were discussed anyways: Eroge

I spent this entire episode mispronouncing "Villeneuve" but he still directed Arrival so I don't feel bad about it.

Yes, this year is the 40th Anniversary celebration of Suspiria. This is the Suspiria re-release bluray I mention at about 12 minutes in; Look at Suzy on the O-Card back.

I'm sounding tired & butchering joke execution because I recorded this in the middle of a heatwave & my brain was fried from walking around all day. Looking forward to dropping some verbal tics in the next episode.

Intro track: Halluciocentric – Dubdub

Outro track: Pasadena Transit Authority, Long Beach Recreational Metaverse Software by ????? through the city (…eles-city-27).

Introductions. Suspiria, Sega Genesis, Night Trap, FMV, the dated effects of Suspiria, Idiom's trip to Beyond Fest, Dario Argento Beyond Fest Q&A, 4K Remastering improvements, The Italian Punishment, Discord troubleshooting, Snakes [as symbol in Suspiria], 4K releases, McDoogle takes on It, Novel vs. Film vs. TV Movie Differences, "The woogawoogawooga", Pennywise as an Icon for the youth, Harley Quinn (18:32), Bimboification (20:11), Law Abiding Citizen (21:32), Canadian Legal System & 'Undoing' a crime, Goldman Sachs Heist (25:28), Zuckerberg as Brooks Brown (26:00), More Law Talk, Party Offense, Tunnels & Molemen, Uwe Boll's Seed, McDoogle refraining from talking about Madoka films, Anime Convention Panels, Blade Runner 2049 (32:14), "Miracles", Insane Clown Posse, Harrison Ford in Sequel, Run Times, Koe no Katachi, McDoogle yells about the subtlety lost in a translation of an anime movie, Japanese indifference to 1. learning sign language, 2. learning English, 3. taking care of the disabled, End-of-Life Lethal Injection Delivery Robot [skit] (38:38), "Adorable Deaf Waifu", Katawa Shoujo, Rip's First Experience with Rin Tezuka (42:15), McDoogle and Rip yell at each other over Rip's interpretation of a route in a visual novel (45:09), Art School Girls (45:32), "If only she didn't have arms", How Not To Do Anal, The soundtrack of Blade Runner 2049, Digs at Amy Adams & Arrival, Rip disconnects, How Much I Thought Arrival Sucked, "Maybe if we communicate better, we can all be friends", Cinematic Xenophobia, Desperation for an Honest Politician, Hillary-bashing, Trump/Zuck 2020 match-up, Neo-Feudalism, NeoGaf, WDs, Ke$ha, "The Industry", Obligatory John Podesta Jokes, Hollywood Blvd, Smoking blunts with crust punks [on Hollywood blvd], Wakaliwood, Bad Black Premiere @ Beyond Fest, Rip looks at A Better Tomorrow, "squigs" [sic], Final recommendations. Outro.

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