Lawyers of Tomorrow
Episode 12

12 Leadership for Lawyers: how to develop and retain fiercely loyal talent, with Dov Baron.

Stephen Turner published on

Leadership for lawyers, authentic leadership, innovation, innovation teams, entrepreneurialism, intrapreneurialism, millennial values and behaviour, neuroscientific research into loyalty, momentum culture, vulnerability, authenticity.

Welcome to lawyers of Tomorrow. This podcast is about Leadership for Lawyers: how to develop and retain fiercely loyal talent.  

Stephen Turner, the host of Lawyers of Tomorrow, interviews Dov Baron, a world authority on purpose driven, authentic leadership. Dov has been, coaching, training, writing and speaking about leadership all over the world for over 30 years. He's an international headline speaker for global conferences on leadership, influence and business and is a New York Times bestselling author of several books, including Fiercely Loyal: How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent, and Authentic Leadership in Action. Dov writes for and has been featured in many industry magazines including, CNN, CBS Small Business Pulse, Yahoo Finance, Boston Globe, CEO World, Entrepreneur and many more.

Dov is also a veteran podcaster. His Leadership and Loyalty show for Fortune 500 executives, has been going for 300 episodes and is the No1 podcast amongst Fortune 500 executives

In this podcast, Dov and Stephen discuss:

  • Dov's unconventional but highly memorable start in coaching
  • Why authenticity is fundamental to connecting with customers and employees
  • How the conventional career paths for lawyers have changed and broadened out
  • How millennial lawyers are much more entrepreneurial than previous generations, are likely to change jobs more regularly and the business implications of this staffing churn
  • How earlier generations need to adjust their leadership style to accommodate the values and behaviour of the millennials
  • Millennials in the workforce: the importance of meaningful work
  • Why lawyers as leaders and as business owners need to find meaning and a higher purpose in their work to attract the brightest lawyers to work with them
  • The importance of creating an intrapreneurial environment within a law firms
  • How law firms should staff and lead innovation teams
  • How to nurture creativity and innovation: the importance of emotional safety
  • The role in modern law firms of co-operation, collaboration, contribution and community  
  • Vulnerability, empathy and compassion: key characteristics of effective leadership
  • Neuroscientific research into what inspires in people a sense of loyalty
  • Dov's work as a coach and trainer at Full Monty Leadership: helping to build a momentum culture which inspires fierce loyalty

Thanks to Dov and Stephen for such and entertaining and enlightening hour.

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To contact Stephen:   Twitter: @stephenjturner





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