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14 Legal Geek 2018 Global Legal Tech Community, Jimmy Vestbirk

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Legal Geek 2018 Global Legal Tech Community

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 (Sorry about the sound interference in parts, tried our best to minimise this. Hope it does not distract you too much)

In this video, I speak to Jimmy Vestbirk the founder of Legal Geek about the Legal Geek Conference 2018 and the Legal Geek global legal tech community generally. We cover:

- Jimmy Vestbirk Legal Geek - how it all started
- what is the Legal Geek global community?
- who are Legal Geek?
- Jimmy's mission: to make Legal Geek the biggest global legal tech startup community
- The Legal Geek legal tech conference experience: what to expect at the Legal Geek Conference 2018? An amazing day!
- state of play in the legal tech community in 2018 
- events: Legal Geek London / Legal Geek UK / global legal tech start up community and Legal Geek legal tech events around the  globe


2:29 Legal Geek & the importance of community in legal sector

8:08 How to get involved in Legal Geek

9:46 Legal Tech Start Ups: what they do well and what they might need to work on as they widen their skill sets

17:18 Blockchain: this years AI. Too much hype? 

21:33 Importance of collaboration in the legal sector: Neota, Kira, HighQ etc and innovation departments

28:01 Law firms: incentives, innovation and billable hour

32:28 Diversity in legal sector and in legal tech: are we doing enough?

36:10 Legal education in UK: will the SQE provide lawyers with the right skills? Comparison with US law schools

39:57 The value of legal hackathons - get involved, they are really great fun and you will learn a lot!

42:47 Jimmy's best advice to tech start ups...

47:00 Jimmy's personal secrets to success: geek out, learn new stuff, watch You tube...

49:08 Legal Geek global legal tech community: Jimmy's plans for the next five years - becoming the biggest legal tech startup community in the world

51:32 Jimmy phones his 21 year old self: what does he say... :)

Thanks to Jimmy Legal Geek for a great podcast! 

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