Lawyers of Tomorrow
Episode 7

7 Artificial Intelligence in Society - Chrissie Lightfoot (2)

Stephen Turner published on

Expert systems, Robot Lawyer Lisa, the future of the legal sector, AI in society.

Stephen Turner, the host of Lawyers of Tomorrow, continues his conversation with Chrissie Lightfoot, author, thought leader, investor, entrepreneur, mentor and government advisor.

Stephen and Chrissie explore how expert systems technology is being harnessed by law firms to provide automated advice systems. Lawyers are building expert systems which capture legal knowledge and experience in a 'knowledge domain' which can then be leveraged for triage, advice, training and onboarding. Stephen and Chrissie discuss their own experiences in building expert systems, Chrissie via Robot Lawyer Lisa and Stephen via Lawyers of Tomorrow Technology.

Stephen details how all law firms can build their own automated advice systems provided they are prepared to put in the work to build the rule systems that make up the expert system. Stephen built a relatively simple expert system on intestacy entitlement in only four hours.

Chrissie introduces Robot Lawyer Lisa, which is allowing businesses and consumers to create their own legal documents without the need of human lawyers but while still providing users with the legal advice that would normally be given to both parties by a set of lawyers. Lisa uses Neota Logic technology to power the reasoning and judgement elements of her system and brings the two parties together in a way that is totally impartial. The guidance and support that would normally be given to the parties by two sets of lawyers is visible for both parties, giving total transparency.

Chrissie estimates that only 10% of the legal market is currently serviced by law firms, with 90% of the market representing non-consumption by consumers and businesses who cannot afford legal advice or who are deterred from using lawyers for various reasons. Chrissie predicts that in the next 5 to 10 years the world legal market is likely to move from around $800 billion currently into the trillions as providers of automated solutions move into the market to serve those areas which currently represent non-consumption. Chrissie further predicts that Big Law will expand its business model to move into areas currently served by medium-sized firms via commercialisation of legal technology based solutions now in development in legal technology incubators set up over the last few years.

Chrissie and Stephen explore how chat bots are being used – for example, Do Not Pay - to provide consumers with legal advice in areas that are not serviced by law firms. In this way, individuals are empowered with self-help and self-serve solutions.

Chrissie and Stephen discuss the effect of AI on society, including the deployment of police robots in Asia and the development of sex robots. With clear commercial drivers for such products, Chrissie explains how the law will need to regulate the incorporation of such robots into society. Chrissie stresses that it is incumbent upon society to balance the peril and promise that comes with the deployment of artificial intelligence and voices her concerns that human beings may not yet be sufficiently advanced or evolved enough to avoid dystopia. However, Chrissie is an optimist at heart and is committed to providing consumers and businesses with easy to access, easy-to-use and affordable self-service legal tools in order that there is access to legal expertise for all. Robot Lawyer Lisa is a big step in the right direction.


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