Learn 2Unlearn with Luca
Episode 1122

22nd November 2015 Learn 2 Unlearn

Peter Hipe published on

On tonight's show:  ~ The Scourge of Drugs (personal story) ~ The CIA and The Drug Trade ~ closing Prayer ~

"Things to think about":  ~ What 'Thanks-Giving' means to the Indian of this continent ~ 'u.s.' military spending vs. Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota ~ The Genodie/Ethnic Cleansing of the Indian ~

"We Are ISIS", with guest Ken O'Keefe, "Smearing Muslims" in order to divide and conquer humanity ~ Gearoid O'Colmain speaks with RT International, on the Paris Attacks, what this represents, France's complicity, the purposeful destabilization of Europe, immigrant tool used by countries against one another...

David Icke's "Problem, Reaction, Solution (Hegelian Dialectic) ~

The New World Order, with war criminal Henry Kissinger, John McCain, the father of ISIS, and Lindsey Graham, wanting WAR ~ "Low-life Scum" incident with 'Code Pink' ~ my tweets to McCain ~ History of McCain's and Jeff Flake's THEFT of Sacred Indian Land (Oak Flat, Arizona)

The Vaccine Industry (as part of the 'Problem, Reaction, Solution) agenda ~ Rockefeller and his FDA ~ The Dumbing Down of 'america'

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