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Episode 203

3rd of February 2016 ~ Learn 2 Unlearn: Roland Chrisjohn: "Humans but No Humanity"

Luca Majno published on

~In this next example, I want to talk about SACRIFICE...

 Dr. Roland Chrisjohn, PhD... "I have to undo the damage that I have contributed.. that I have done."
"I want my 11 years back!", he screams... "My eleven years as a doctor, hurting people ~ I repudiate the system ~... " "Psychiatrists and psychologists... they are, at best... PIMPS."

I always wondered how a good and strong-hearted Indian could serve this system of the oppressor for so long and do so well...  Without incident...
Sure enough, this week starts his 'hunger strike' and this part of my show is dedicated to him in particular ~ to the man he is ~

This I got from Shaunessy McKay, an associate of his...
"Dr. Roland Chrisjohn, my esteemed colleague, co-author, best friend, and mentor has been forced, after years of inexcusable abuse from the administration of St. Thomas University, (in Fredericton, New Brunswick, 'canada') into a hunger strike as of today, February 1st 2016. ~ This is the same administration that would rather support a drug dealing sexual predator than its students and respected faculty. The same administration that would rather its Native Student organization hold a "pow wow" in the cafeteria than host acclaimed aboriginal activists to lecture on their campus. The same university that sees its aboriginal students as entertainment for the actual students, at best. I could go on, but it is exhausting for me to have to relive this bullshit over and over again. ~ The last straw, however, came to a head just this month. He was asked to teach a research methodology course for a specific native program. It was soon obvious that he was hired based not on his innumerable qualifications, but because he has a brown face and a teaching position.  Once they realized that he was not the fraud they assumed he must be, his signed contract was suddenly declared null and that a replacement (I have to assume an actual fraud, or at the very least a spineless flunky) was found.  The administration has, thus far, completely backed the undeniably racist and illegal actions of this program (as had become normal by now), and here we are. ~  After being told by colleagues, friends, and even myself through the years in so many words to 'just lie down and take it', he is understandably done.

This isn't a request for attention or a smear campaign on the university.  This is just me, letting the people who care know what is happening. This is me voicing my support for my friend and my disgust with the people that made this inevitable."

And so, in my quiet protest of this, on my show today, here they are, BOTH of them, Michael Parenti and Roland Chrisjohn, ~in excerpts from various talks and speeches ~speaking about what they know best, and love to rant about...  Racism and Race as a social construct.  

These clips from Michael Parenti and Roland Chrisjohn come from a program called "Hoping Against Hope ~ The Struggle Against Colonialism in Canada" and can be heard online and / or downloaded, here:  http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/22016 Credit goes to Pierre Loiselle and Praxis Media Productions (for Hoping Against Hope)


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