Learn 2Unlearn with Luca
Episode 904

9th March 2016 Learn 2 Unlearn

Luca Majno published on

~ Subjects include: LaVoy shooting execution-style by FBI, new video 'released' ~ Yes, That's Me Today ~ If I Were The Devil ~ George Carlin: They Don't Care ~ All Things Hopi ~ My History Rant ~ Colonization ~ and more...

~ Slacking off radio shows a bit because of my short videos made of radio shows with images from all over the net ... 9/11 and other false flags ~ integrating pictures on the audio of my radio shows, which makes a more powerful effect... essentially feature films or docs, as they are called... More on Youtube under the name Luca Majno (my channel) to see those videos... Made from www.awakeradio.us radio shows...  ~




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