Learn 2Unlearn with Luca
Episode 1113

LEARN 2 UNLEARN: ~America, The Disposable People ~

Peter Hipe published on


"While the 'u.s.a.' goes around the world, expounding on the virtues of its way of life, it is obvious that those in charge place little value on human life.
They're willing to kill thousands, even millions for profit, for power, for money, for oil and resources.  The 'u.s.a.' doesn't even value the lives of its own citizens.
Witness the numerous testings of weapons, drugs, medications, pesticides, GMOs, subterfuge on its own population.
One of the few developed nations that fails its citizens totally in the area of the right to adequate health care, those who cannot afford it.. do not get it.
Financially, mentally, and physically robbed by politicians, banksters and industry, without the capacity to understand how to care for themselves, they end up homeless, on the street, begging for money, being robbed, being beaten, being hungry... committing crimes because they have no choice...
Then, there the families, the lives of these families are becoming pure hell... There is violence, destruction, and threats... an all-out attack from the health system, the government, law enforcement, and even neighbors..."

"So... Meet the mentally ill of the 'u.s.a.' and the victims of the many who go without being cared for... Meet the 'Disposable People'..  The political pundits and politicians have started a matter about gun control ~ in order to gain more control over the population... It's not the guns, stupid!  It's the lack of care for your own people...
It is suggested that the 'u.s.a.' get its own house in order before dictating to the rest of the world... Use the many blessings and resources of the land, the people, for your own, and not for trotting around the globe, killing others for profit, thus those at home suffer...
The capitalist system sees people as a disposible commodity  ~  to be thrown out if not productive or useful in some way...
The 'american' dream... You have to be asleep to believe it..."

"Meet the 'u.s.a's 'Disposable People'...

Oil-soaked and fracked... Food-poisoned and inoculated by tainted vaccines, Fukushima radiation, trapped by mainstream media propaganda, spied upon by government, impoverished, murdered, a homeless empire created and destroyed by the 'u.s.' military industrialist complex, treated like garbage, promulgated by the same shady cast of characters responsible for embroiling us in the endless war on terror in the first place..."

"Americans... The Disposable People..."


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