Learn 2Unlearn with Luca
Episode 303

Learn 2 Unlearn: Denise Pictou Maloney ~ The Waiting Game ~

Luca Majno published on

~"For decades our family has fought for justice for our mother Annie Mae, overcoming great obstacles and challenges. I do not speak of them often because they are too painful, and for the most part, I am still battling some of them.  One of the most difficult, has been the constant defending of my mother's life, to our own nations. Whether thru pure ignorance, family loyalty, lifestyle choices, trying to hold on to a fantasy, or just choosing to live the thug life, I marvel how some community members, activists and advocates can justify the taking of another life, or can ignore injustices and continue to publically support those involved in murder.  The AIM leadership including Clyde Bellecourt, Leonard Peltier, Dennis Banks, Leonard Crow Dog, David Hill, Loralie Decora Means, and Madonna Thunderhawk all were complicit in my mothers murder and continue to misinform the public or sit in silence.  My mother's case is still open, not many people know this. It has remained open because those who took her life have named these individuals as conspirators. Currently they have all taken an oath of silence not to speak the truth, and not " Rat" each other out.

So we wait till they either die off, or they do the right thing. DON'T get me wrong ~ I believe in rehabilitation and remorse and in doing your time. But when individuals continue to lie and misinform the public, and use 'celebrity' as their free pass to not have to draw that line in the sand that is a deal breaker. I will speak up and I will call you out.  No responsibility has been taken with any of the individuals mentioned above. My mother was not the only person executed or murdered from that era.  Ray Robinson's family has waited over 40 years to recover his remains . Remains that at least 85 percent of those mentioned above know where his unmarked grave is."

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