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Episode 1117


Peter Hipe published on

"Well indeed that's the case, and it's just more of the same, now isn't it? Now, I am a non-Muslim, and I am angry at the way Muslims have been portrayed around the world.  I have lived in Muslim lands, and I have experienced some of the greatest hospitality and generosity that you will ever experience, and yet, Muslims in general, are being associated with this monstrosity, this most recent monstrosity known as ISIS, which again, I say is 'Israeli Secret Intelligence Service', and also Al Qaeda, previous to that, Al Nusra Front, all of these things are intended to smear Islam as a whole, 1.8 billion people on this planet...

To associate them with this sort of madness, when in fact, it is us in the west that are creating this stuff, funding it, you know, very much protecting it, in fact, America has been providing air cover to these psychopaths in Syria and Iraq largely, and we see that when Russia comes in and actually does something constructive, look how long... Many of these men are shaving their beards and running off with their tails between their legs...  It is really, really, really disgusting that people have been conned into thinking that Muslims have anything to do with this, and let us (...) back to the original incident which has caused this madness known as the 'war on terror':

The so-called 19 hijackers and Osama Bin Laden is one of the greatest fairy stories ever screated.  The idea that this man in a cave in Afghanistan on dialysis was masterminding this incredible operation in the United States with 19 so-called  hijackers weilding boxcutters, Mohammed Atta among them snorting cocaine and hanging out with strippers in Florida, that these people are responsible for this event, in defiance of the greatest military machine in history of mankind, never mind all of the evidence that's come forward that makes the official version of 9/11 beyond ridiculous.

Muslims did not carry out 9/11, in fact, those who blame the Muslims, primarily the Jewish, Supremacist, Zionist-controlled media of America, and the government which is controlled by these Jewish, Supremacist, Zionists in America, all of them parrot the same ridiculous tired old line that Muslims are responsible.

And this is an agenda which is intended to create a clash of civilizations, and if we are smart as people, we are gonna see the agenda for what it is, and we're gonna realize that those who are collaborating in this agenda need to be held to account for litteral war crimes and crimes against humanity, and I'm including in that not just politicians and the military, but those in the media, who have perpetuated these lies, because there is NO WAY that they could possibly believe this nonsense... These people have literally sold their souls to the service of the devil."

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